Buy/Sell Used Cars

We Buy and Sell cars also.


Junk Cars:

If you have an old junker creating an eyesore for the neighbors or just taking up valuable space, why not make some cash? Whether it runs or not it may be worth some cash and . You never know until you call. We will buy your old junker on the spot for cash and with our tow service haul it away for free. No matter the condition, give us a call! We’ll see what we can do for you. Many times with our tow service your junker can be towed away the same day. No waiting involved. Call us for a quote today! Cash in your junker!

Used Cars:

We buy and sell used cars as well. Maybe the shop wants too much for a repair and you are looking to get a newer car for the money. Why not see what your car would be worth? Maybe you want a used car? We have cars available at very competitive prices. Give us a call for our current inventory or talk to us next time you need our tow service. We work closely with local shops and may be able to find what you are looking for if we do not have it in. Many types of vehicles are available. Inventory changes frequently so call us with inquiries as often as you like. We’ll help with getting you a vehicle.