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Cash Call Towing was founded 1 year ago by Connie, an expert in the towing and repossession business with over 40 years experience, and Betty, a registered nurse and entrepreneur. We wanted to bring quality service into the industry and provide a higher level of customer care than the average towing company. We pride ourselves on our compassion for the stranded motorist calling from their cell phone on the side of the road in the pitch black night trying to figure out where they are.

We know that time is money to the shop that calls on behalf of their customer and arranges for transporting a private vehicle from the customer to the shop for servicing. We know that your car is a special part of you that you don’t want damaged when its towed. We take all of this into consideration when we make that initial contact with you. We make sure you are safe, that you can get a ride home, that you can arrange payment in a way convenient to you and at a price that is fair and affordable.



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